Martino Minardi Arna Ti

The motoring media lambasted the ill fated Alfa Romeo ARNA back in the late 1980’s for its dull as cold porridge styling, as clearly it was not what was expected from the innately stylish Italians. Such is the Italian sense of style, that Carrozzeria Studio Minardi stepped in to improve matters, by applying their coach building talents to the boxy Italian/Japanese offspring. Only I’m not sure that they actually did improve it. I know little about this particular car other that what’s in this obscure brochure I have. Needless to say, the coach built version on offer here really doesn’t seem to offer much more in the way of good looks than did the original. If anything it’s actually slightly uglier!

It would appear the Minardi effort was more than just a quick make over. Study the main picture in the brochure and you can see that other than the obvious changes to the front end, the roof panel is totally different, dipping down between raised areas above the doors. Sadly, there’s no photograph of the rear, described in the text as having been “corrected” and given a new spoiler, although there is a small glimpse of the rear in the illustration. If anyone knows more about this car,or has other images of it, I’d love to hear from you! Check out the brochure below…

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