Stolen: Datsun PL411 Bluebird

A friends unique Datsun P411 Bluebird was stolen this afternoon from the Arundel area down in Sussex. It’s missing its radiator, so it is not likely to be driven far. It was most likely lifted with a truck. The chances are it’s headed for export or for the oval, so keep ‘em peeled folks. If anyone sees it send me a message. It’s also wearing a set of slot mags and the registration NAB 850D rather than the one shown in the pics.

Update: It seems the Internet has managed to spread the word so fast that the 411 became a little to hot to handle, with the result that rather than it heading for the banger track as was intended, the thieving scumbag that lifted it saw fit to dump it last night, thankfully with minimal damage. Although the identity of the thief is known, it’s unlikely the Police will act. What’s more the owner had to pay the Police £190 in towing fees to get his car back. Good to see the law looking after the victims of crime and dishing out justice, eh?

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