It looks like Italian model maker Bburago got bitten by the custom van bug too. in the late 70’s and early 80’s, if this 1/24 scale toy van I found is anything to go by. I was intrigued by this van as its design is totally wild, especially it’s forward hinging cab. A bit of web research revealed it was designed for Bburago by none other than legendary model kit designer Tom Daniel. That explains a lot, as Tom created literally dozens of wild custom car model kits during his years with Monogram from ‘67 through to ‘75, such as ‘Paddy Wagon‘, ‘Vandal‘ and the iconic ‘Red Baron‘. Apparently, he designed this for Bburago around ‘76/’77 and it was loosely based on the Chevy van of the time.Sadly Toms involvement with Bburago seems to have been short lived although it did yield a handful of other models based on existing Bburago tooling. I’d love to see someone re-create that forward tilting cab for real!

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