Shaker Run

Shaker Run is, in my opinion, a classic of 1980’s Kiwi cinema. The movies stars Cliff Robertson as Judd Pierson, an ex race driver turned stuntman, who runs a travelling one-man stunt show. Broke and down on their luck, Judd along with sidekick Casey Lee (Leif Garrett) get the chance to make a fast buck by driving Dr. Christine Rubin (Lisa Harrow) to a secret rendezvous in Judd’s Trans Am stunt car called Shaker. Unknown to Judd and Casey, Dr Rubin is secretly attempting to smuggle a deadly virus out of the country and into the hands of the CIA, and her superiors will go to any lengths to stop her and recover the virus….

No only does Shaker Run provide plenty of crash and stunt mayhem, it also gives a great snapshot of mid 80’s New Zealand scenery and traffic. The film isn’t really to be taken that seriously, but for any car movie fan it great fun, it is well worth a look. Luckily for us, it’s available in it’s entirety on YouTube….

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