For the first time since 1973, my WP312 Datsun Bluebird Wagon has hit the road, albeit briefly, to make its way to the MOT test station. Despite its long period of hibernation, it drives surprisingly well. Yeah, its a bit slow and a little noisy. The brakes don’t inspire much confidence either but hey, its 48 years old! The test resulted in a fail, bit not a bad one. There was a bit of brake imbalance and a little too much play in the steering box. Not bad at all! I decided to go for a full rebuild of the brakes, so the shoes have been off to Friction Bonding and Lining (link no longer active) to be sorted and all the cylinders are getting honed and rebuilt. Re-test soon and then it’ll be time to engage in battle with the DVLA to get it registered. That’ll be fun I’m sure :/

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