Nissan Type 70

Nissan’s Type 70 arrived on the Japanese car market in 1937 and was quite a departure for the company as it was considerably bigger and more luxurious than anything they had previously sold. Clearly they were pretty proud of this new car and produced this charming silent film, which remarkably for 1937, was in colour!

Of course the Type 70 wasn’t actually designed by Nissan at all…

The design was one which Nissan had bought, along with all of the tooling, from troubled American manufacturer Graham Paige for $390,000. The Graham Paige Crusader 80, as the model was originally known, had been launched in 1935 but the company were suffering severe financial problems due to constantly declining sales thanks to the economic depression of the 1930s. When production of the Crusader line was stopped in 1936, the entire production tooling was sold off wholesale to Nissan.


The acquisition was doubly beneficial to Nissan, as not only did it gain quite a prestigious looking car, but also the 86hp, 3670cc straight six engine served in many of Nissan’s trucks through into the 1950’s.

Commercially, the Type 70 probably wouldn’t have been very successful in Japan if it hadn’t been for the Second World war. Although in the US the car was smaller than average, it was huge by Japanese standards, and correspondingly expensive, however it was very rugged and well suited to military use, where it found favour as staff cars and ambulances. Over five thousand Type 70’s were eventually built with production ceasing around 1943.


The Nissan Type 70 was produced as both a four door saloon and slightly later as a four door phaeton. They were also available in two trim levels, standard or deluxe with the latter being able to seat up to seven passengers. They featured an all steel body mounted on a pressed steel chassis and tipped the scales at just over 1.4 tonnes.

Here’s some of the Model 70 specifications…


Overall Length4750 mm
Overall Width1720 mm
Overall Height1750 mm
Wheelbase2794 mm
Front Track1419mm
Rear Track1441mm
Tire Size6.00-16-4P
Kerb weight1,410 kg


Body TypePressed Steel
ChassisPressed Steel (Ladder Type)
Front SuspensionReverse I-type beam & Leaf Springs
Rear SuspensionFull Floating Axle & Leaf Springs
SteeringSteering Box (Worm & Sector)


Engine TypeInline 6 Cylinder (Side Valve)
Displacement3670 cc
Bore x Stroke82.5mm x 114.3 mm
Horsepower85ps @ 3400 rpm
Torque23kgm @ 1200 rpm
CoolingWater Cooled
Transmission3 Speed Floor Shift

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