First… a few small jobs…


As I posted yesterday, a very nice Nissan Cherry Europe GTi has joined the fleet, which saves me a huge amount of work restoring the crusty example ! already had. Although the car is in pristine condition, it still needs a few minor things sorting on it. For a start, it was lacking its Nissan badging, apart from the ‘GTI’ emblem on the tailgate. This car didn’t have any badges when I first saw it several years ago and, as it was originally sold via an independent Alfa Romeo specialist when it was new, it may never have had any. Also, having been re-badged as an Arna Ti at some point, it was lacking the distinctive green stripe on the grille which was what I tackled first…

The green stripe on the grille runs down the left side and across the bottom only on the Cherry Europe GTi. Originally it is printed directly onto the grille and I could have possibly painted it on but I decided that it would be neater done in vinyl. I measured the stripe on the grille of my spares car which unfortunately was too shabby to use. Then I got a local sign maker to laser cut me some stripes of the correct thickness in green vinyl…


This was then simple enough to trim to trim them to length and stick them to the grille. I also installed the ‘NISSAN’ grille badge from the spares car…


Next the rear badges were re-instated. The ‘CHERRY’ badge and the ‘GTI’ badge came from the spares car. The GTI badge that was already fitted was a bit worn and discoloured, but fortunately the spares car yielded a nicer example…


The badges were fitted using sales brochure pictures as a guide to their position. All I am left to find is the ‘Europe’ badge which goes below the Cherry badge on the left. I suspect this won’t be possible to find so will have to try to make one…


The new car only had two wheel centre caps but fortunately the spares car had three so I now have a full set plus a spare. I think these would also be impossible to find now…


It’s nice to be able to fuss over small details! I salvaged these spark plug leads from the spares car because they are red…


The original plug leads are red on the Europe GTi (and Arna Ti) but this car had new black leads fitted. A small detail I know, but when the engine is looking so nice it’d be a pity not to compliment it with some proper red plug leads! Notice that the car even has a genuine period Alfa Romeo oil filter fitted!


Generally, having had a good look around the car I can say it is in remarkably nice condition. Here is what greeted me when I removed a front wheel. Very clean and tidy underneath!


Tomorrow, I will post some pictures of the car after it is cleaned!

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