To remedy the dearth of PMC posts on here, I’ll begin with something Skyline flavoured… a road test of the very first of the high performance Skylines, that culminated in the legendary GT-R we know today.  This car, the S54B, was developed from the original four cylinder S50 Skyline, by stretching the nose by 200mm in order to squeeze in the triple carburettored 1998cc Prince G7 straight six, derived from the the S40 Gloria engine. The intention of Prince in creating this monster, was to go racing in the GTII class in the Japanese Grand Prix of 1964, which they did with great success, finishing in all the positions from 2nd to 6th behind the Porsche 904… although the Skyline did lead the race for a while!. Of course, the S54B (and S54A with single carburettor G7 engine) were also available for the public to buy, and the car paved the way for next generation of straight six powered Skylines, the GC10 and in particular the GT-R.

Here, the road going S54B, or Prince Skyline 2000GT as it was known, is put through its paces by Australian magazine Sports Car World back in September 1966. It seems they were suitably impressed…

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