There’s just a smidge over 24 hours left to go on this auction, but if you’re keen to own this beauty you’ll need deep pockets, as this ultra rare Datsun 200L Hardtop (C130 model) has topped £6000 already! This 200L Hardtop (or Laurel to give it its proper domestic name) is one of only two left in the UK. The other belongs to a friend of mine, and unless someone offered him some crazy amount of money for it, I doubt it’ll ever be for sale… so this is probably the only chance to get hold of one of these stylish coupes. I’ve saved some images from the listing so that they will still available to view after the listing is gone…

As with all UK market C130 Hardtops, this one is fitted with the twin carburetor 2.0 litre, crossflow, OHC Prince designed G series engine, rather than a straight six L series. These four cylinder engines do look a little lost under that long bonnet, but don’t be fooled into thinking they lack performance. They really do go pretty well, and in terms of power, they are not much different to the L20A (2.0L) straight six, which some UK saloons came equipped with. Unlike the more sedate saloon, all of the hardtops sold here came with independent rear suspension.

I first saw this car in 1997 at the Japanese Auto Extravaganza at Billing Aquadrome. Back then it was still wearing its original pale metallic green paintwork, matched to the lovely metallic green interior. Hopefully whoever buys it will return it to it’s original shade. Here it is back in 1997…

Photo courtesy of Spotted Laurel on Flickr

Update! At the close of auction, this Laurel made £8138!! I think that is probably a record price for an original UK market Datsun (with the exception of S30 models), especially for one that is need of some work and isn’t roadworthy. It’s certainly proof of the level of desirability that these cars have now reached.

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