Ten to fifteen years ago, new old stock parts for Datsuns were pretty easy to come by here in the UK. Times have changed though, and these days it’s quite rare to come across stocks of forgotten parts, gathering dust in some abandoned parts store. So it was especially pleasing to be able to come home with this stash of parts last week…


Whilst this lot was far from what I would consider to be cheap, I was happy to hand over the money, because it’s getting so much harder to find stuff like this, and the clock is ticking… soon there won’t be anything left at all. So what did I get? Click through to take a look…

My main focus was on finding parts for 510 and 710 models, especially anything specifically for my 710 SSS. There was a lot of stuff to look through but I managed to find a bonnet for a 510, two genuine front wings for 710, as well as one non-genuine. Three left hand sills for 510, as well as two 710 SSS grilles and a rear bumper for the same. Those hubcaps in the picture are to fit a 130 model Cedric and will be going over to Iwan in the Netherlands as spares for his 2400 Super Six…


Amongst the smaller mechanical parts were some really nice finds, such as this brand new engine bay wiring harness for a 710, which will look great in my SSS once everything is restored under the bonnet…


Also a nice new pair of SSS carburettor spacers and gaskets…


A whole box full of big end and main bearings for Datsun L and A series engines….


I was particularly pleased to find these. They are the little rubber covers that go over the drain holes on the underside of the 510 doors. An obscure part for sure, but a nice finishing detail on my restoration!


My friend Dave came and had a look for parts for his Datsuns too and came away with this selection of bits, mostly to fit his C130 Laurels. That new C130 front wing is a rare thing to find these days!


I didn’t get enough time to look though all of the parts on offer, so I am going back in the new year to have another look and hopefully score some more treasure!

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