After a prolonged absence, it’s quite fitting that is back online in time to celebrate its twentieth birthday. Yes, 20 years today! The 2nd of May 2000 was when started, hosted on a server providing only 2Mb of space! The banner above is from the site back in 2001. It’s hard to believe that it was possible to create a website that small back then! There’s now around 1.2Gb of images on here and soon there will be a lot more…

After loosing its last host, I decided to move the site to WordPress, as it has been using the WordPress platform since 2007. After uploading what data I had from the last backup I did, I discovered the site was somewhat broken, with images gone and a lot of the later posts lost, so I’ve spent several days putting what remains back together. With nearly 500 posts, this is really time consuming, especially as I want to try and replace some of the early, poor quality images with larger ones, with a higher resolution. So far, all the posts back to the start of 2008 should be working, but everything before then is still being fixed, so expect broken links and missing images back there for a while. I’ll also be filling in some of the gaps by completing unfinished posts and be chucking in a few car show galleries that I haven’t ever posted before too. Onward!

One thought on “Twenty Years

  1. Showa GTO says:

    Feel old yet? Strange days and yep, plenty of time for resuming or finishing all sorts of endeavors
    BTW maybe it’s just wordpress but media takes forever to load


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