If you have ever wondered what 414hp (420ps) at 9000 rpm from a normally aspirated L-series straight six sounds like… Well wonder no more. Feast your ears with the video above. Not that this is just any ordinary hot L6 of course. OS Giken worked its magic back in 1980 to produce the exotic TC24-B1… a bespoke 24 valve DOHC cylinder head for the venerable L-series, which breathed new life into the old favourite. In 2012 they overhauled it to produce this, the TC24-B1Z….

Installed on an L28 block, substantially re-worked and enlarged to 3208cc, this beast allowed for insane outputs from a now 54 year old engine design. Internally, the L6 has much stronger, bespoke pistons, con rods and crankshaft, along with a specially designed block reinforcing girdle, all of which help the veteran block to handle the extreme loads. Induction is handled by a choice of triple Weber carburettors or throttle body injection and the burnt gasses exit via an exhaust manifold that a pure work of art.

Click the above image to view the TC24-B1Z Catalogue

Of course everything both in and on the engine is lovingly custom made, and in many cases the engineering is really elaborate, such as the crazy gear drive system to the cams. This means lots of specialist manufacturing, machining and countless hours of labour, all of which comes at a price. A very, very big price. Got £47,732 burning a hole in your pocket? They you can buy one from Greenline Motorsports.

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