About Ratdat.com

Ratdat.com originally came about through my passion for old Datsuns and because, at the time of its creation, there were precious few resources online in the UK dealing with the marque. I was never really sure how to go about creating the site or what I really wanted to do with it so it’s been through a few changes, especially in the early years, but I think I have now found the style that fits and hopefully Ratdat.com will be around for a good few years yet. Hopefully like minded enthusiasts will find something enjoyable here!

I was something of a late starter when it came to computers. My first was a Dragon 32 which I had in about 1983. Then there was a bit of a gap until I had another… until about 1999 to be exact. Things had changed a bit in the computing world! But I’m a fast learner and within a year I was online and dabbling in HTML. And thus Ratdat.com was born on the 2nd May 2000. Why Ratdat? It was the first screen name that came into my head when I was first online… a combination of the first three letters of my surname, and of course my passion for Datsuns 🙂