Brochure: 21st Tokyo Motorshow 1975

If you had attended the 21st Tokyo Motorshow back in 1975, you might well have walked away from the Nissan stand with a brochure like this. There was plenty to see that year, as not only was Nissan’s range of vehicles massive, they also had plenty of new technology to show off, like the new Nissan Anti Pollution System (NAPS). Among the stars that year were the advanced GR-1 experimental safety car and sporty, mid-engined AD-1 prototype. Slightly more outlandish was an experimental 230 Cedric… powered by steam! Check out the full brochure below, plus wallpaper sized cover and centre spread…

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Family Photo

This is so nice I just had to share it. Tweeted by Nissan (@Nissan) earlier, this is fantastic publicity shot of its 1967 range. I have seen this image before in publicity material, but rarely in colour, and certainly not as large or as high quality as this. It’s interesting to note how there are a few left-hand drive American spec models in there, namely the Datsun 510, Roadster and 520 pickup. It is clear how the US was regarded as a very important market. The range at this time was quite varied thanks to Nissan having absorbed Prince Motor company the previous year, although some of the fruits of that merger were yet to appear… the C30 laurel and C10 Skyline.


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70s Nissan


At the start of the 1970s, Nissan was very busy developing all manner of advanced projects and concept cars. Fortunately for us, it was also very keen on producing quite elaborate and informative brochures depicting them. This one, from 1970, is absolutely packed with interesting stuff, although naturally the text is all in Japanese. There’s the wild concept cars from that year’s Tokyo Motorshow, the Nissan 126X, the E10 Cherry based 270X and the 315x electric car. There’s also some lesser known projects, such as the 130 based Cedric EL Special, which made use of complex (for 1970!) electronics technology and the 150 model President Proto-AX, which featured advanced emissions controls. There’s also Nissan’s experimental  gas turbine engine, a mention of air bags… and craziest of all… a steam powered 510 wagon! Plus, there’s a beautifully illustrated guide to Nissan’s model line up at the time. Click through to take a look…

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This French Datsun brochure is a slightly unusual one because, apart from it’s diminutive size at just 15cm by 7cm, it also has lovely illustrations of the cars rather than the usual photographs. Interestingly, in ’76 the Datsun E10 Cherry was still available in both 2 and 4 door form alongside the newer F10 Cherry models, although the latter seems to have dropped the “Cherry” name. Another thing I noticed is that the 710 only appears as an 160J SSS hardtop… were there no 710 saloons in France?! Click through to have a look…

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Martino Minardi Arna Ti

The motoring media lambasted the ill fated Alfa Romeo ARNA back in the late 1980’s for its dull as cold porridge styling, as clearly it was not what was expected from the innately stylish Italians. Such is the Italian sense of style, that Carrozzeria Studio Minardi stepped in to improve matters, by applying their coach building talents to the boxy Italian/Japanese offspring. Only I’m not sure that they actually did improve it. I know little about this particular car other that what’s in this obscure brochure I have. Needless to say, the coach built version on offer here really doesn’t seem to offer much more in the way of good looks than did the original. If anything it’s actually slightly uglier!

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Datsun Décor

For as long as cars have been around, there has been a market for accessories for the enthusiastic motorist, who would attempt to individualize his or her chosen means of transport with all manner of bolt on goodies. This is the same the world over and aftermarket accessories were as readily available here in the UK from your local dealer as they were in Japan, Australia and the States, although it has to be said, often not quite in the same quantity or variety. All Datsun dealers through the 1970’s and early 1980’s had on offer an array of items from the practical, such as seat covers, air conditioning and driving lights, to products for those who wanted to really customise their ride such as stripes, chrome trim and alloy wheels . Aftermarket parts was big business and a great deal of time was put into thinking up new ideas for saleable accessories, particularly in the Japanese market where a bewildering array of parts was available. The American market catered for every model in the lineup with a selection of parts suited to each as seen in this selection from 1979…

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Italiano Fratelli

I have previously made mention of Nissan’s curious partnership with Alfa Romeo before on this site when I finally managed to acquire one of the unloved products that emerged from this tie-up, a Nissan Cherry Europe GTi. But the Cherry Europe was only part of the story as elsewhere in Europe the same line of models (the 920 series) was marketed by Alfa Romeo themselves as the ARNA. The model would most likely have been entirely sold as Alfa Romeos, had their UK importer not decided that the ARNA was too downmarket for their image in the UK, which meant the cars were adorned with Nissan badging and sold through Nissan UK dealers. UK Alfa Romeo dealers were not happy though, as they jealously watched Nissan dealers chalk up sales on a model they rightly saw as their own, and at the same time had no small model of their own to sell.

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