Black Again

It’s satisfying when you strip something old and worn apart, refurbish it and paint to look like new. But it’s really disappointing when you have to re-fit or re-assemble stuff with manky old nuts and bolts. You could buy brand new fasteners of course, but invariably you can’t get them exactly in the style you want. For example most Japanese cars use M8 bolts with 12mm heads rather than the usual off-the-shelf M8 bolts, which have 13mm heads. Manually cleaning them up is very time consuming and doesn’t replace the original finish. Painting them is not really an option, so what to do? Recently, I tried out a method for restoring fasteners, and the good news is that it not only looks great, but is quick and easy to do as well. The method I used is metal blackening. This imparts the black finish that many new fasteners come in. It can be done at home and doesn’t require any special equipment. Industrial metal blackening kits are pretty expensive (£800+) but Frost do a small DIY metal blackening kit for just £35, and if you prepare the items correctly, this will give a professional looking finish.

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