Part Numbers Revisited

Many years ago, I wrote a post which gave a fairly detailed explanation on how to decode Nissan part numbers, with a view to enabling users to identify parts and model application from part number alone. This is useful when presented with new old stock parts at a swap meet or autojumble, or when all you have is a stock list or printout.

Whilst the information given was undoubtebly useful, I felt it was time to update it.  So I have reworked the post, giving additional information along with new, larger images and added a downloadable (and printable) PDF version of the all important Part Type tables… the data that allows you to tell what model a particular part might fit.

You can take a look at the updated post HERE

VIN Plate Puzzle

Most of the Datsuns I have ever owned have had the same basic style of VIN plate screwed to the bulkhead. These generally have black print and measure about 100mm x 70mm. I had noticed before that a few cars inexplicably come with a smaller plate measuring 80mm x 60mm and I was also aware that some cars even had plates that weren’t printed in black… and it’s these coloured plates that have sparked my curiosity. I’d never considered that the different coloured plates, although they aren’t common, might have some significance, but it seems that they may have.

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International Model Names

One thing that can is always very confusing in the Datsun world, is the use of different names for the same model in different countries. For example, what was sold as a Datsun 510 in the United States, is better known as a Bluebird in Japan, or as a Datsun 1600 in Australia as well as here in the UK. To help clarify this confusion I’ve compiled a table to give the comparative names for each model in various countries. It’s not really possible to cover all variants, in all countries, so this only covers the mainstream models in the major markets. The table below is split into sections to group the various models into their ‘families’ as dictated by the Japanese market….

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Datsun Paint Codes

The chart below lists all the known colours used by Nissan along with their code, name(s) and where known the models on which the colours were used. There are colour samples where they were available but reproduction of colours accurately on a computer monitor is pretty much impossible so only take these as a rough guide to the real colour and shade. Where a certain colour comes in a number of shades under the same code, it is denoted by a small number in the lower left hand corner of the sample. This page may take some time to load on slower connections due to the large number of colours listed so please be patient!

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Japanese Translations

Below you will find a list of the most common Nissan vehicle names and useful words most commonly used when searching Japanese websites and auctions, along with their spelling in Japanese. You can highlight, copy and paste any of these terms in order to help with searches on Japanese search engines.

NOTE: This will only work for people with Japanese Language Support installed. If you cannot see Japanese text below you need to add a language pack. If you are using Internet Explorer, you should be able to find out more at Microsoft’s website. Make sure that you view Japanese website with the correct encoding. Go to View > Encoding and make sure “Auto Select” is checked and it should automatically select one of the Japanese encoding settings when viewing a page in Japanese. If it doesn’t you can select it manually. Full list after the jump…

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All New Datsun 510 CD

It’s back and better than ever! This is the indispensable information CD-ROM for all Datsun 510 (and 610/710) owners. The original version already contained all of the Datsun factory information for the 510, including the 510 Factory Parts Catalog (this is what the parts department used), the 510 Body and Chassis Manual, the 510 Engine Manual, the full 1997 NISMO Catalog and Schematic Catalog sections covering Mikuni/Solex and SSS SU carburetors and The PL510 Owner’s Manual. The new version contains all this plus, The Nissan Factory engine, tranny, clutch, and EFI wiring service manuals for the VG30E, KA24E, Z24i (NAPS-Z), SR20DET as well as the Nissan Factory FJ20DE service manual. So it’s perfect for those who are contemplating or have done an engine transplant. There’s some pictures from yours truly, plus some from the Summit Point 2000 meeting in West Virginia USA… and finally the The Nissan Dream Garage .MOV movie! All that for $35 plus shipping!! If you haven’t experienced the convenience of service manuals on a CD-ROM you are really missing out! Go to for more information.