The Nissan Experience

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The Datsun Club UK were invited to this event by Nissan GB to put on a small display, alongside a number of old Renaults and later performance Nissans, such as GT-Rs and Zs. This was for the benefit Nissan employees and their families, who could enjoy passenger rides in some seriously rapid machinery, such as tuned new GT-Rs and even a crazy Time Attack R32. If straight up speed wasn’t your thing, there were also passenger rides in drift cars available. Generally, it was a nice chilled out day with some interesting stuff to look at and for me at least, a pretty memorable one after taking a ride in a 1000hp Skyline! Check out the gallery below…

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Retro Show 2011

Last years Retro Show was killer, so Saturday lunchtime we pointed the MX5 at Santa Pod and hit the road. An afternoon and evening of heavy ale consumption didn’t serve to make an MX5 suitable accommodation for sleep as hoped (next time…a tent methinks!), but despite feeling pretty rough come Sunday morning, it was all worth it. The turnout was spectacular just like last year, with everything from stock obscure classics (Fiat Strada FTW!!) to full on drag cars like the mental Torment Racing Alky burning Chevette, which despite getting well out of shape, still netted an 8.8 run. We parked up with the Retro Rides crew who put in a top display as usual, with loads of variety. It’s too hard to pick a favourite from the hoards, but high on my list of winners was Mick Wilkes’ gorgeous little Bedford HA van. Virtually stock looking on the outside but packing turbo XE power. A leisurely looking launch down the quarter saw it in the low 13’s, but it’ll easily lay down low 12’s. What a machine! I need build something like that!

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Donington Historic Festival

Unfortunately, I could only make it to one day of this excellent new two day historic motorsport event, but it was still well worth the trip. There really was spectacular variety on show, from pre-war vintage racers, historic F2 and Group C through to the legendary group B rally cars, as well as a ton of rare, exotic and in many cases, extremely expensive cars.

Definitely, the highlight on the track were the historic group C cars. GT40’s, Lolas and Chrevrons making sweet V8 music in a 250km race finished the day perfectly. I might have some pictures of this later as I shot a couple of rolls the old school way, with a Pentax SLR and I’ve yet to get them developed. They might be hopeless though as I’m no photographer! In the meantime check out the mega gallery after the jump!

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Retro Rides Gathering 2010

The Haynes International Motor Museum at Sparkford in Somerset is now the venue for ‘The Gathering’, the annual meeting for Retro Rides forum members. Haynes’ combination of decent facilities, bang next door to an awesome car museum, along with its diminutive test track, makes for an ideal location… albeit a long trek for us to attend. Over 260 miles is almost an epic trip in a Honda Acty, when you’re lucky if you can hit 65mph flat out! Fortunately, it was well worth the five and a half hour journey. As is always the case with RRG, the quality and variety of machinery on offer was just awesome, plus there was all day track action to watch featuring both a points based sprint and drifting. Then there was the assortment of crazy devices cruising the campsite, including the amazing, driveable recreation of the classic Tamiya “Wild Willy” RC jeep built by the lunatics at Area 52. Definitely the event of the years so far. And to finish off a terrific weekend, our Acty picked up a trophy entitled “dare to be different”! Winner! Roll on RRG11!

Check out the show pics after the jump…

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Retro Show 2010 – Santa Pod

This was waaaay better than expected. Tonnes of amazing rides on display and some seriously lively ones in action on the strip, plus the usual displays by both funny and jet cars. My C31 Laurel got hastily dropped the day before the event, and made the trip effortlessly, but it needs the suspension sorting properly as the struts were bottoming out on bumpy roads. Not good! Click through for the rest of the photos…

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