Goodbye Datsun… again

According to news reports today, a mere seven years after announcing its revival for emerging markets, the Datsun brand name is once again going to be retired. Nissan has been struggling with a lack of profitability, so as part of 2.8 billion dollars worth of cuts, the Datsun line-up is to be axed once more.
Nissan originally phased out the name back around 1983, as part of its globalization program, with the intention of using only the Nissan name on all of its export and domestic models. 30 years on, the brand rose from the ashes once more, for economy models sold in East Asia, South Africa and Russia, beginning with sales of the Datsun Go.
I suspect this time the name could well be gone for good… although looking at the modern lineup of Datsuns, maybe that’s not such a bad thing, eh?