If you have ever wondered what 414hp (420ps) at 9000 rpm from a normally aspirated L-series straight six sounds like… Well wonder no more. Feast your ears with the video above. Not that this is just any ordinary hot L6 of course. OS Giken worked its magic back in 1980 to produce the exotic TC24-B1… a bespoke 24 valve DOHC cylinder head for the venerable L-series, which breathed new life into the old favourite. In 2012 they overhauled it to produce this, the TC24-B1Z….

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New Old Stock

Ten to fifteen years ago, new old stock parts for Datsuns were pretty easy to come by here in the UK. Times have changed though, and these days it’s quite rare to come across stocks of forgotten parts, gathering dust in some abandoned parts store. So it was especially pleasing to be able to come home with this stash of parts last week…


Whilst this lot was far from what I would consider to be cheap, I was happy to hand over the money, because it’s getting so much harder to find stuff like this, and the clock is ticking… soon there won’t be anything left at all. So what did I get? Click through to take a look…

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R. J. W. Wilkinson

R. J. W.Wilkinson was a curious kind of scrapyard. It was a proper old school vehicle dismantler and repair shop, but located in an urban setting. A place where tired old cars went to be broken down into their component parts, which would be patiently labelled and cataloged, then stored away to give life to other old cars in need. Engine re-bores and rebuilds were also offered, along with numerous other engineering services. But what makes the place really special is its period of operation. It’s hard to say for sure when it started but, as about a third of the parts stock seems to have belong to the pre-war period, it must have been pretty early on. Right through until the seventies, parts were meticulously stashed away with the business ceasing full time operation the following decade. Since then not much has changed but finally, having apparently reached his 90’s, the old man passed on, and so an era came to end, which brings me to the purpose of this post.

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Pre-war Mystery Parts

Okay, pre war car buffs… I need your help! I got these at a car boot sale yesterday, purely because they are nice looking, and if nothing else, they’d look good hanging on my garage wall. But I’d be interested to know what they are from. They are made by C. M. Hall Lamp Company of Detroit, and some preliminary online investigations suggest they date from around 1929. The lenses are flat and are marked 8 3/4 x 7 63/64, with a part number 12941. These kind of lenses were used in quite a number of cars… Ford Model A, Packards and even Rolls Royce but what I can’t figure is what are these particular ones are from, as the ornate chrome surrounds don’t seem to match anything I’ve looked at online. More pics after the jump…

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Mystery Manifold

I picked this nice looking exhaust manifold at a recent autojumble. It was cheap enough to take a chance on it being close enough to adapt to fit something else… but what is it from? It’s clearly from a non-crossflow six cylinder of some sort, and sits to the left side of the engine. The square end ports and round centre ports are quite distinctive, but so far I’ve not been able to figure what it’s for. Any ideas?

Choo Choo

So I’m browsing around the usual early Sunday morning car boot sale, seeing what awesome junk I can find and I spy this thing. “Wow, that would make a great gear knob” I think, only to pick it up and find it actually IS a gear knob. A funky 70’s looking, pearl effect gear knob with a little golden train in it. Awesome! Fifty pence later and it was mine. Better than finding a Nardi Steering Wheel for a tenner at a car boot sale!

New Metal

I love finding new old stock car parts. I especially love finding really rare new old stock like this little haul I got today. Top to bottom… a pair of Genuine Nissan left hand door skins for a Datsun 280C (330 Cedric), a pair of genuine right hand door skins for a Datsun 510, a pair of new sills for a Renault 16 and a new right hand front wing for a Renault 30. I’m not sure which is the greater score, the Renault 16 sills or the 510 skins. Probably the latter as I actually need those. This wasn’t all either. The big find is after the jump…

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A Rare Thing

I’ve been having the mother of all clear-outs here at Ratdat Acres, tidying up all the sheds I store stuff in and getting rid of all the junk that’s accumulated over the last few years. I dragged this out from the darkest recesses of a shed yesterday, whilst shifting all my spare engines. This is very rare in the UK… a fuel injected Datsun L series (L18E) with a dog leg long 5 speed. Four cylinder L series engines in the UK only ever came with carbs, either a single twin choke downdraught or twin SU’s made by Hitachi, on the SSS models.

A few years back, I pulled this engine and gearbox out of a rotted out Japanese spec S110 Silvia, which had somehow found its way to the UK. Shame that the car itself was utterly beyond redemption, as it was the only S110 Silvia I have ever seen here, other than a couple of 240RS rally cars. I really should do something with this engine. It would be idea for building a turbo L series! I’ll dig out some photos of the S110 it came from and scan them in.


I trundled down to a local car boot sale in the Acty this morning and amongst the unwanted crap and assorted household detritus on sale, I found this beautiful Nardi wood rim steering wheel. No idea what the mounting boss is for but I’d guess it’d be something British like an MG or Austin Healey. A quick polish and this thing will be mint! These seem to go for pretty strong money on eBay, so at a paltry £10 it was an awesome deal!

Laurel Dress Up

I’ve picked up a couple of parts to smarten up the Laurel over the last couple of weeks. First up is this Izumi steering wheel. I thought its 1980’s look complimented the C31 dash, especially the slots in the spokes and the brushed aluminium finish. The wood rim wants re-lacquering, so I’ll be doing that in a couple of weeks time. I plan to take it back to bare wood then spray it with clear lacquer tinted with House of Kolor Root Beer (a reddish brown) Kandy to help it match the dash better.

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