Twenty Years

After a prolonged absence, it’s quite fitting that is back online in time to celebrate its twentieth birthday. Yes, 20 years today! The 2nd of May 2000 was when started, hosted on a server providing only 2Mb of space! The banner above is from the site back in 2001. It’s hard to believe that it was possible to create a website that small back then! There’s now around 1.2Gb of images on here and soon there will be a lot more…

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The restoration of the site is ongoing and as well as adding new stuff, I’m revamping some old posts, with a little text editing (largely to fix all the horrible grammar and spelling!) as well as updating many of the images. A lot of the old articles were written in the days when people were still using screen resolutions as low as 800×600 (remember that!?) so many of the images are rather small and low quality.

Among those getting an overhaul is the history piece I did 12 years ago about Nissan’s deal with Austin of England during the 1950s. There’s now a load of new images and all are larger than before so take a look!

Part Numbers Revisited

Many years ago, I wrote a post which gave a fairly detailed explanation on how to decode Nissan part numbers, with a view to enabling users to identify parts and model application from part number alone. This is useful when presented with new old stock parts at a swap meet or autojumble, or when all you have is a stock list or printout.

Whilst the information given was undoubtebly useful, I felt it was time to update it.  So I have reworked the post, giving additional information along with new, larger images and added a downloadable (and printable) PDF version of the all important Part Type tables… the data that allows you to tell what model a particular part might fit.

You can take a look at the updated post HERE

Building Site

Work to resurrect this blog continues unabated so be sure to have a browse through the archives in a couple of weeks time as by then I will have added a few of the unfinished and/or unpublished posts from waaaay back.
I will also be re-uploading some of the older images. Why? Well back when was first launched, a lot of folks were still viewing the web in an 800 x 600 resolution so a lot of the images used back then were quite small. These days, most people have a minimum of 1024 x 768, but often higher resolutions, so I think it would be good to update everything to suit modern monitors. Secondly, back in the early days of wordpress, images were all just chucked into one folder on the server, but later a change was made where they were sorted into folders by year and by month. This doesn’t really affect the reader but it makes life easier for me. If I re-upload images to an older post, the images are automatically placed into the correctly dated folder, thus making it easier for me to keep track of things. This is not a small undertaking as there are thousands of images on here but I will begin this process this week and hope to have it completed by the end of the year.

I think every post should always have some eye-candy so here’s a nice press photo of a 1968 Datsun 1000 wagon…


Broken Pictures

Just so you know… I’m aware that there are a whole lot of pictures that are not being displayed, especially for posts later than about March 2010. I’m working on fixing that problem, but the priority is with recovering all of the missing posts first! It’ll take me a day or so to re-write the year of lost posts. Hopefully, it shouldn’t be too tricky to get the images back online. Image galleries attached to posts are being resurrected as I go, so they should still display fine… Mostly.

In the meantime… here’s a nice wintery Datsun picture taken with a vintage 35mm SLR – old school!  Brrr…


Stolen: Datsun PL411 Bluebird

A friends unique Datsun P411 Bluebird was stolen this afternoon from the Arundel area down in Sussex. It’s missing its radiator, so it is not likely to be driven far. It was most likely lifted with a truck. The chances are it’s headed for export or for the oval, so keep ‘em peeled folks. If anyone sees it send me a message. It’s also wearing a set of slot mags and the registration NAB 850D rather than the one shown in the pics.

Update: It seems the Internet has managed to spread the word so fast that the 411 became a little to hot to handle, with the result that rather than it heading for the banger track as was intended, the thieving scumbag that lifted it saw fit to dump it last night, thankfully with minimal damage. Although the identity of the thief is known, it’s unlikely the Police will act. What’s more the owner had to pay the Police £190 in towing fees to get his car back. Good to see the law looking after the victims of crime and dishing out justice, eh?

Ten Years

Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything new, but what better way to re-commence proceedings than with a birthday announcement … is now ten years old! Whilst the blog format hasn’t been going for that long …since November 2007 to be precise …the domain was first registered on May 2nd 2000, and a website created shortly after on the meagre 2Mb of webspace provided by my ISP at the time. It moved to whatever free webspace I could get for the first year before finding a permanent home with its current host, and gradually grew from there. The site is now around 650Mb and hosts over 9000 images… a long way from where it started out!

When I decided to go to a blog format in 2007, all the old stuff from the website was dropped for the sake of expediency, but I’ve recently started putting it all back in place bit by bit, so for those who have only seen the site since it’s been in a blog format, check out the archives shown prior to 2007.

Hello again!

OMG! What’s this? is back online and it’s gone all 21st century!

Yes, I’ve joined the blog generation. Why? Well, it seems like a better way to add content, especially when I’ve something to add but it’s too small to warrent writing an HTML page for. Plus it gives readers a chance to comment,  give their own opinions and maybe add their own knowledge to various topics. I also figured I would vary the content a little and broaden the scope of the site to include stuff about some of the other cars I own, other than Datsuns. I figure most people into Datsuns will have an apreciation for other Japanese marques too.

Obviously, this place is a little light on content compared to before but fear not, give me a few weeks and it’ll be bursting at the seams with interesting stuff!