Superior Bargain

I’ve had some screaming deals off of Ebay over the years, but these days, with it being so much busier and popular with the masses, it’s now more amazing to snatch a good deal than ever before. So I was pretty stoked to grab this set of tidy Superior Wire Mags in tasty 14×8j flavour for a meager £72! Okay, so 14’s are kind of small, but in 4×114.3 PCD, there’s still a ton of cars they’d fit. Who cares?! All that matters, is they are now in my shed and destined to go on my Nissan Cedric! A pretty appropriate rim for the Cedric I think, as these were also sold in Japan by Enkei.

Rad Rims

Some more rims for the collection. Some teeny little FWD offset 12″ Watanabes on the left to go on a Daihatsu, and some tasty 14″ Dunlop LM-24’s on the right. Those Dunlops are even nicer in person han they looked in the auction pic. I think they might have to go on my 510…

Laurel + Weds

I have stripped the anodising off of my set of 14×7 Weds and polished the rims up, then shot the centres with some Ford Solar Gold base, added a bit of sparkle courtesy of a couple of coats of House of Kolor Platinum Metajuls Basecoat. then a couple of clear coats. It was done in a hurry but looks OK. Yeah, I know it looks like the body colour but trust me, it isn’t. The lower half of the body is going to get repainted in Ford Champagne Gold, a much paler gold with a slightly redish/pinky tinge to it. Now all I need to add it about a 3″ drop and then some lower profile rubber. Soon, soon…

PCD Checker

If like me you’re keen on fitting tasty wheels to everything in sight, then you might want to get yourself one of these handy, telescopic PCD measuring tools. This is a dead handy thing to have when you’re at a swapmeet, or down the scrapyard, as you can instantly check the PCD of any 4, 5 or 6 stud rims. In some circumstances you can also flip it over and use it to measure the studs on a hub, but only if the hub centre doesn’t protrude too far. I picked this up at the NSRA swapmeet for a fiver but you can go to Bialbero Racing and order one online. There’s more info about this neat little tool there too.

Violet Progress

Okay, so I haven’t posted anything for a month, but rest assured, it’s not like I haven’t been doing anything! On the contrary, some projects have moved on a fair bit… one of them being my Datsun Violet SSS. Having secured some nice wheels for it, I couldn’t resist any longer and had to get them onto it. First there was the matter of the stock sky high ride height to deal with. Fortunately, I still had an old set of lowering springs which I’d previously used in my 510, a 610 and another 710 so that easily solved the problem. The rear end was dismantled and the new heavy duty lowering springs fitted along with some shocks that were 50mm shorter than stock. The springs dropped the back right down to pretty much exactly where I wanted it, but the front as it stands isn’t quite low enough. However, a set of JIC camber plates and some carefully modifying of the upper spring seats should help it down another 20mm and cure the slight positive camber it’s gained now. Currently the rims are wrapped in 175-60×14’s but it would appear I’ve got room for more rubber on the rear so I think I’ll be swapping them for some 185-55×14’s. As the rears are 7j and the fronts are 6.5j I’ll stick with the 175’s up front.

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Datsun Techno Toys

Techno Toy Tuning (T3) has been machining up specialised parts for Toyota enthusiasts for some time, but their line-up also offers a bunch of very nice parts for Datsuns. T3’s offerings consist primarily of suspension components, all of which are custom fabricated for performance applications. Parts are available for 240Z, 510/610, as well as S13 and S14 models. The selection for 510 and 610 models includes coil-over conversions for both front and rear suspension, camber plates and roll center adjusters. Their fully adjustable tension/compression rods look particularly well made. Prices are very reasonable too, especially with the dollar still being relatively weak against the pound. T3 camber plates, come in at only $180 a pair and having bought a set previously, I can vouch for their excellent quality. Adjustable T/C rods are just $200, and their own strut brace is a bargain at $119. But that’s not all that T3 have to offer. Anyone in the market for a nice set of old school wheels might also want to take a look at what they stock…

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Sunny Truck Suspension

Stock ride height of my Sunny Truck is pretty high… much more so that any B110 saloon or coupe I have owned. Having been built in South Africa and intended for abuse on some of that country’s rough terrain and unmade roads, this came as no surprise, but for my purposes it was no good. It’s for street use, so I want it low. So far, the only thing I’ve done is to get the rear leaf springs de-cambered (flattened). This dropped the rear by around 50mm, but didn’t really make it low enough, so I plan to drop it further using some 50mm lowering blocks. Up front the stock suspension is like regular B110s, only sporting drum brakes in place of the more common discs. I needed a brake upgrade but nothing wild, so I figured I’d just swap in B310 Sunny front struts, which have larger discs than B110 saloons and coupes. To get it as low as I wanted but whilst retaining some ride quality, I decided to build some extra short struts….

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Budget Wheel Cleaner

As I previously mentioned, one of the 7×14 Riverge wheels I bought recently for my Violet SSS is in pretty nasty condition. In fact it kind of looks like it’s spent some time in the sea, it’s so corroded. Close inspection revealed that while there was a lot of surface corrosion, there didn’t appear to be any deep pitting, so I set about trying to clean up this nasty wheel. If all else fails I figure I could just get it wet blasted, but doing so would mean I’d have some serious work to do to polish the rim and face of the wheel back to a smooth surface, so the only alternative is to do it chemically…

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More Violet Goodies

Although I have yet to start doing any real work on my KP710 Violet SSS, the parts keep on arriving. Newest arrival, and something I’ve wanted for some time, is a pair of Japanese market rear quarter emblems. In Europe these cars always wore “Datsun 160J” emblems on the rear quarters, but I always think of them by their Japanese market name of Violet, so scoring a pair of these emblems is a real bonus.

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Violet Wheels

Yet another big box of JDM goodness has arrived from the east and the decision has already been made… the contents are most definitely going on my Violet SSS. I have looked at a few different rims including the Star Sharks that arrived a few days ago and nothing looks as good as these by a country mile …the super ornate design suits the Violet perfectly in my opinion. They are Riverge made by Pasco-Fame. These are my favourite JDM wheels so I was elated to finally get hold of a set. The rims themselves were pretty sorry looking when they turned up. The original gold paint had been painted over with white and two of them had been completely painted again in silver… over the white and all the baked on brake dust! Happily the paint washed off fairly easily with some paint thinners which left behind the original gold which is in surprisingly good condition. A quick rub with some 400 grit brings them up really well as you can see below…

There isn’t a lot of corrosion on the rims so they will polish up nicely, although two of them have quite bad rust on the steel inserts where the wheel nuts seat. Hopefully I’ll get away with just refacing them. I should have a second pair of Riverge on the way shortly, which are half an inch wider, so better suited on the rear. Now I finally have the perfect rims for my Violet, I am itching the get on with doing the body repairs and get it re-painted! Until I can get it into the workshop I’ll just have to content myself with re-working the suspension for a healthy drop. Watch this space!