Not a Cedric

Nope… definitely not a Cedric. It might look like a 31 model Nissan Cedric,but this ultra rare beast I spotted for sale on Taiwanese auction site Ruten, is in fact a YLN-801. Eh…? The YLN from this cars moniker comes from the manufacturers name, “Yue Loong” and “Nissan”. Yue Loong (or Yulon as the company is now known) completed a deal to build Nissan and Datsun models in Taiwan in 1957, and the snappily titled YLN-701 was one of the first fruits of this collaboration in 1960. The 701 was a Datsun 211 model, and this was rapidly followed by the YLN-704 (Datsun 310 model) and the YLN-801 we see here.

Unlike many later Yue Loong built Datsuns and Nissans , the 801 closely followed its Japanese brethren in specification. Many of the OHV engines employed in early cars were continued into later models, often in place of the more modern OHC engines like the L series, giving Yue Loongs pretty odd specifications… a J13 powered, live axled version of the Datsun 510 for example.

This is the first time I’ve seen pics of a real, live, YLN-801. I really should write some more stuff about Yue Loongs sometime, as I’ve got a whole bunch of material I could use. Watch this space!