Tomei TS Sunny

The popular Tomei powered Maruzen Technica Sunny coupe (KB110) on the cover of Japanese Autosport magazine from November 1974. Tomei built a perfect replica of this car, which appears at various events in Japan such as the Nismo Festival. The Tomei built, oversized A12 OHV engine in this car is only 1303cc, but puts out an astonishing 164ps at 8000rpm!


Oddball Intake

I spotted this in an issue of an old Finnish technical magazine called Tekniikan Maailma from 1976. This setup was installed on a Datsun 1200 (B110) being used for some kind of fuel test. Clearly this intake manifold is designed specifically for using a pair of twin choke side-draught carbs on a left hand drive model, angling them forward to clear the brake master cylinder. I don’t recall seeing one like this before but it’s an interesting solution to the problem of clearance on left hand drive cars!


Advert: Un Sole Nuovo (Datsun 1200)

TheĀ Italian Datsun market remains something of an enigma to me. There seems to have been remarkable few sales in Italy back in the 70s and 80s. The ill fated collaboration between Nissan and Alfa Romeo in the 1980s, although primarily intended to save Alfa Romeo, was surely also a way for Nissan to circumvent any import restrictions on Japanese cars. There certainly were Datsuns on the Italian market in the 1970s as illustrated by the three Datsun 1200 (B110) adverts below. I’d be very interested to see more Italian market literature if anyone has any…