Sunny Skids

A Datsun 120Y four door wouldn’t be the first weapon of choice for most skid enthusiasts. From my experience with my Datsun 510 back in the day, short wheelbase cars like this are pretty tricky to drift, especially at speed, which is why I ended up with an S13 instead. Here’s Aussie Logan Waterhouse skidding in style in his KA24DE powered 120Y… and making it look so easy…

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Road Test: Motorist’s Choice (Datsun 120Y)


Sometimes, contemporary magazine road tests compliment, or give criticism of features of a car, that seem at odds with our own experiences, but occasionally there’s one that gets it spot on. This surprisingly late (1978) road test, from Popular Motoring magazine, of the Datsun 120Y sums the car up pretty accurately and makes particular note of the major factor in Datsun’s success in the UK… reliability. Whilst many of the cars were not particularly ground breaking in term of technology during the 1970s, where they did stand out was in their build quality and durability. As this feature notes, it was this, along with it’s light controls, that handed the Datsun 120Y nearly 20% of the driving school market.

I think possibly the only statement in this article I would take issue with is the remark suggesting that Nissan was not renowned for sophisticated suspension on its cars. Up until ’78 when this was written, Nissan had employed trailing and semi-trailing arm, De-Dion and Chapman strut systems on their cars, as well as live axle and leaf spring layouts such as on the 120Y!