Laurel Perfection

Another Datsun Laurel but alas, not mine this time. It’s not everyday you find a car like this for sale. New Datsun Owners Club member, Billy Shears recently purchased this time warp facelift C230 Laurel. Since it rolled out of the showroom in 1979 it has covered a paltry 5400 miles! Yes, that’s five thousand four hundred! Datsun specialist Will Lightburn currently has the car in for some work to get it back on the road, as laying idle in a garage for 20 years hasn’t done the brakes much good and one or two items are needed work to get it running smoothly again. Word is, the bodywork is perfect… not so much as a tiny dent and of course no rust to be seen anywhere. The car even rides on its original tyres still! Hopefully Billy will be bringing his Laurel to The Japanese Auto Extravaganza this year, so you might be able to see some more pictures of this car here by August.