Motor Trend Magazine from March 1973 with a feature on Pete Brock’s Datsun 510.. a hot street version of the legendary BRE 2.5 Trans-Am winning 510. So awesome was this car, that Revell immortalised it in a plastic model kit. The original Brockbuster still exists too, having been restored by Troy Ermish Racing back in 2019. You can read all about it at

Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman

I’m not entirely sure how this film has not come to my attention before, as it came out five years ago. I finally watched it on Amazon a few days ago and, not only is it a solid documentary film which paints a good picture of the man himself and his passion for racing, it’s probably an essential watch for all Datsun freaks. Newman started out racing a Datsun 510 before moving to a 610, the an S10 Silvia (200SX) and finally numerous Z models from the S30 to the Z31. His passion for racing ruled his life and he continued to race into his old age, even taking pole position in his last race at the age of 82!
Needless to say, this film is packed with fantastic Datsun racing footage from end to end and features some of the big movers in the Datsun world back then, such as racing school owner, Bob Bondurant and BREs Trans-Am winning 510 driver ,John Morton. You can pay to watch the full film on YouTube, or if you have Amazon Prime you can see it there for free. Check out the film trailer below…

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Datsun Promotional Film

Plenty to see in this Nissan promo film for the early 1970s. Nissan were riding high on a decade of success both in the marketplace and on the race track, and they weren’t afraid to tell the world all about it. Plenty of excellent period shots of the Tokyo Motorshow, the East African Safari Rally and even some footage of the R382 in action. Also there’s loads of testing and development footage. A great watch for anyone interested in Datsun history…

5000km to Glory …in plastic


As I mentioned in my original post about the movie ‘5000km to Glory’, there is a little bit of movie merchandising related to the film, even though it was largely forgotten until it’s recent release on DVD and Bluray. I have seen the movie soundtrack album (on vinyl naturally!) for sale on Yahoo! Japan Auctions in the past and other items, such as sets of postcards, but the best thing I have ever come across related to it is this lovely 1/24 scale model kit, made by Eidai. To be honest, when I first found this kit, I didn’t initially realise it was related to the film. Only a little later when I noticed the style of the ‘5000’ logo on the box did it dawn on me what it was! The 510 modeled in the kit is actually that of a 1968 model which makes it a little unusual as most 510 model kits are 1969 onward versions with the larger tail light and restyled grille.

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Family Photo

This is so nice I just had to share it. Tweeted by Nissan (@Nissan) earlier, this is fantastic publicity shot of its 1967 range. I have seen this image before in publicity material, but rarely in colour, and certainly not as large or as high quality as this. It’s interesting to note how there are a few left-hand drive American spec models in there, namely the Datsun 510, Roadster and 520 pickup. It is clear how the US was regarded as a very important market. The range at this time was quite varied thanks to Nissan having absorbed Prince Motor company the previous year, although some of the fruits of that merger were yet to appear… the C30 laurel and C10 Skyline.


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70s Nissan


At the start of the 1970s, Nissan was very busy developing all manner of advanced projects and concept cars. Fortunately for us, it was also very keen on producing quite elaborate and informative brochures depicting them. This one, from 1970, is absolutely packed with interesting stuff, although naturally the text is all in Japanese. There’s the wild concept cars from that year’s Tokyo Motorshow, the Nissan 126X, the E10 Cherry based 270X and the 315x electric car. There’s also some lesser known projects, such as the 130 based Cedric EL Special, which made use of complex (for 1970!) electronics technology and the 150 model President Proto-AX, which featured advanced emissions controls. There’s also Nissan’s experimental  gas turbine engine, a mention of air bags… and craziest of all… a steam powered 510 wagon! Plus, there’s a beautifully illustrated guide to Nissan’s model line up at the time. Click through to take a look…

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It’s Here!

Finally, I get to watch 5000km to Glory! I only ordered this from Japan four days ago and it’s here in the UK already… amazing! Hopefully my complete lack of Japanese language skills won’t be a problem viewing this…


UPDATE! I’ve just finished watching it, and I can honestly say it’s as good as any motor racing film I have seen. No really… it’s genuinely a really great filmI The cinematography is fantastic, the racing scenes are superbly shot and seamlessly blended with footage from the real events. The cast are good and best of all, language isn’t as big an issue as I expected, as there’s actually more French and English spoken in the film than Japanese! I say go get yourself a copy!