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This is so nice I just had to share it. Tweeted by Nissan (@Nissan) earlier, this is fantastic publicity shot of its 1967 range. I have seen this image before in publicity material, but rarely in colour, and certainly not as large or as high quality as this. It’s interesting to note how there are a few left-hand drive American spec models in there, namely the Datsun 510, Roadster and 520 pickup. It is clear how the US was regarded as a very important market. The range at this time was quite varied thanks to Nissan having absorbed Prince Motor company the previous year, although some of the fruits of that merger were yet to appear… the C30 laurel and C10 Skyline.


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The Nissan Experience

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The Datsun Club UK were invited to this event by Nissan GB to put on a small display, alongside a number of old Renaults and later performance Nissans, such as GT-Rs and Zs. This was for the benefit Nissan employees and their families, who could enjoy passenger rides in some seriously rapid machinery, such as tuned new GT-Rs and even a crazy Time Attack R32. If straight up speed wasn’t your thing, there were also passenger rides in drift cars available. Generally, it was a nice chilled out day with some interesting stuff to look at and for me at least, a pretty memorable one after taking a ride in a 1000hp Skyline! Check out the gallery below…

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Road Test: Modern Motor on the Datsun 1000

Australia’s Modern Motor magazine got to take an early Datsun 1000 (B10 model) for a spin but, it seems, were not entirely won over by it. When the B10 arrived in 1966, Nissan were clearly still trying to figure out the export markets and in this particular case they didn’t have the recipe quite right. Of course later Datsun 1000s dispensed with the “three on the tree” gearbox and went to a regular 4 speed floor shift. They also came with seat belts!

The First UK Datsun?

I have known about this Datsun 1000 Deluxe saloon for quite a while and said, should if it ever come up for sale, I would buy it. And it has…. so I have. This B10 was built in late 1967 and apparently was amongst the first batch of Datsuns to be officially imported by Datsun UK. A check on the VIN number confirms its build date and although there is no actual information on the destination of that VIN number, the Japanese export record shows only one B10 having been shipped to the UK in April 1968. This was the only one shipped during the period from September 1967, through to June 1968 and as it is known that this B10 arrived here prior to June 1968 ,this would seem to indicate that this was indeed the first Datsun Sunny to arrive here officially. I think I’ll have to do a little more research on this before I can say for sure but all indications point towards it being so…

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Ultra Low Mileage Datsun B20


Andy Hoshino in Japan has just bought this fantastic B20 Sunny pick up. It’s an ex-fire service vehicle, hence the colour and the red lights on the front. But the best bit… It has just 9800km’s on the clock!!! Arrrgh! I’m soooo jealous! As some who know me will already know, I’m a bit partial to B10 series Sunnys in any form. but a pickup is most desirable. At least I have my wagon to keep me happy.