The Nissan Experience

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The Datsun Club UK were invited to this event by Nissan GB to put on a small display, alongside a number of old Renaults and later performance Nissans, such as GT-Rs and Zs. This was for the benefit Nissan employees and their families, who could enjoy passenger rides in some seriously rapid machinery, such as tuned new GT-Rs and even a crazy Time Attack R32. If straight up speed wasn’t your thing, there were also passenger rides in drift cars available. Generally, it was a nice chilled out day with some interesting stuff to look at and for me at least, a pretty memorable one after taking a ride in a 1000hp Skyline! Check out the gallery below…

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Advert: Makes You Feel Rich (Datsun 210 Wagon)


Nissan USA managed to really confuse things with this model by calling it a 210. I guess they were building on the success of the previous model which has been sold under the name B210 in the States. B210 also happened to be its chassis code. The model shown below is a B310 so you would think they’d have logically called it B310 or even just 310. Just to muddy the waters a little more, in the US the model which was sold as a 310 is actually an N10 (chassis code), or better know in Europe and Japan as a Cherry or Pulsar. What a mess!

It would have been a whole lot simpler if everyone had just used the Japanese name, ‘Sunny’. This model, with it’s fastback styling and faux wood-grain paneling was sold in Japan as a ‘Sunny Californian’… a title that seems quite well suited to the US market but alas it was only known by that name in Japan…