Yo Homy

Ok, so it’s a Caravan not a Homy… but that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that it’s currently say outside my house! Yay! Yes, the E23 arrived in Southampton a few days ago and after a bit of paperwork and more wallet draining by Her Majesty’s Taxman, I was able to go and collect it from the docks. I am so happy to have got hold of one of these beauties before the prices climb out of my reach. The journey was uneventful, with my latest workhorse tow wagon, a 2005 Hyundai Terracan, not even breaking a sweat…

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Caravan of Love

I have been looking at Japanese classified ads and online Auctions recently for a van. Initially I was after a Datsun E20 Caravan or Homy, preferable a short body one with windows all round. It didn’t take long to realise that these stylish old vans go for a lot of money now, so I started looking at the next generation, the E23. I figured that these would be more common and therefor cheaper. Also, the later model would have the benefit of a decent OHC engine (I didn’t want a diesel) and 5 speed gearbox, plus the biggest bonus… power steering. I was right about them being cheaper, although there are a few stellar examples going for strong money. These are usually the top of the line SGL versions, which are plushly trimmed and well equipped as standard. Naturally, this is the version I wanted and after much hunting I came across the one pictured above. Wow, what a van! It was love at first sight. Enquiries were made, bank accounts examined and transactions agreed. In a few months time I’ll have a 1986 Caravan SGL, equipped with a Z20 petrol engine and a massive sunroof. I can’t wait to show you the funky brown interior on this!