This French Datsun brochure is a slightly unusual one because, apart from it’s diminutive size at just 15cm by 7cm, it also has lovely illustrations of the cars rather than the usual photographs. Interestingly, in ’76 the Datsun E10 Cherry was still available in both 2 and 4 door form alongside the newer F10 Cherry models, although the latter seems to have dropped the “Cherry” name. Another thing I noticed is that the 710 only appears as an 160J SSS hardtop… were there no 710 saloons in France?! Click through to have a look…

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Small but Tough

My girlfriend has just had a pretty lucky escape. She clambered out of our little E10 with out so much as a bruise after loosing control at over 60mph and rolling it into a ditch! She swerved to avoid a drunken cyclist on a dark road, spun 180 degrees, the skidded sideways off the road before the car tripped on a hole in the grass verge and flipped into the hedgerow. The car bounced back from the hedgerow and ended up coming to rest in a four foot deep ditch on its side. How she never sustained a single injury, I’ll never know. I’m extremely grateful she didn’t though. More pics of the carnage and subsequent rescue below…

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New Member to the Fleet

Oh dear, I’ve done it again… I’ve bought another one! Not content with having fourteen Datsuns, I felt the need to go buy an E10 Cherry four door. Well… It was very cheap! It has more than its fair share of dents but very little rust. Most significant was some frontal damage which I’m in the process of repairing as you can see. This entailed fitting a new front panel and valance as well as a new wing and bonnet. Once this is done it should be completely solid again, although long term it will need a respray and a general tidy up. Not bad for £50 though!

Cherry Wagon

A friend of mine recently told me of an E10 model Datsun Cherry estate he’d spotted abandoned in the corner of a car sales yard. I went to investigate and it appears to be in fairly good condition and certainly worth saving. So far efforts to find the owner have drawn a blank, unfortunately. E10 estates are pretty rare now, so it would be nice to save this one...