Pride in Prince

Prince Motor Company products are not at all common in Europe these days, despite being sold in a number of European countries back in the late 1960s. In their day, PMC produced well engineered and rather advanced cars, and they brought a great deal of know-how to Nissan when the companies merged in 1966. For example, the Nissan 410/411 Bluebird in which arrived in 1963 had what was basically a 1950’s OHV engine, as well as drum brakes, wishbone front and leaf spring rear suspension. This was superseded by the 510 Bluebird only 4 years later which came equipped with a modern OHC engine, disc brakes up front and four wheel independent suspension! That late 60’s period, after the PMC merger, was really Nissan’s golden era, where there was a stream of technically advanced and solidly engineered cars such as the 510 Bluebird, C30 Laurel, C10 Skyline and the S30 Fairlady Z. Ultimately, I think without gaining the engineering expertise of PMC’s designers and engineers, Nissan’s first front wheel drive production car, the E10 Cherry, would not have arrived as early as 1970.

The only PMC car I have personally driven was an S40 Gloria such as the one shown in the Australian advert above.  Despite that particular example having spent it’s life as a taxi and thus clocked up some epic mileage, it was still a joy to drive!

Advert: Like a Million Dollars (Datsun 300-GL)

This is a really obscure model, the Datsun 300-GL. This South African version of the 230 model looks to be based on the Japanese Nissan Gloria rather than the Cedric like most other export markets. The raised bonnet, and grille with large single headlights are both features of the Japanese Gloria. I’ve no idea if this was a fully imported model or locally assembled. It’s also interesting to note that the name ‘300C’ was being applied to this model in South Africa more than a decade before the Y30 model Nissan 300C hit the market in the UK.


Svein Erik finds a Gloria

Svein-Erik Finnerud of the Datsun PMC Register sent me these pictures of a Prince Gloria (S40 model), which he spotted abandoned just outside Kristiansand, in his native Norway. These were marketed as a Prince B200 in Norway. The body looks to be in very good condition and the car seems to be complete.


It’s amazing to find one of these at all as they are certainly very rare, but to find one in this condition is incredible. Svein-Erik already owns one of these cars which is in need of total restoration…

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