Retro Rides Gathering 2014 – Camping

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As I alluded to in the first Retro Rides Gathering post, a huge part of the whole event is the camping and socialising, which gets going on Friday afternoon. The field provided this year struggled to accommodate the number of people, but thankfully the rain held off so we didn’t have to endure camping in a swamp. Aside from the normal drunken shenanigans that you would expect at any event like this (and there are plenty), there is also a Charity ‘Tat’ Auction held. Motoring junk, accessories, books and assorted parts from gasket sets to wheels, all went under the hammer with the proceeds going to charity.

Strolling round the site, beer in hand, is the perfect way to soak up the atmosphere and meet new friends, as well as get a good look at some of the cars. The Sunday show actually comes second to the camping for most of the regulars and it’s not hard to see why. It’s informal, it’s friendly and best of all it’s lots of fun. Click through for the pics…

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Retro Rides Gathering Show 2014


Having missed last years Gathering due to being on holiday in France at the time, I was determined not to miss it again. For the last couple of years it’s been held at Prescott Hillclimb, but had outgrown the venue, so this year it moved to Shelsey Walsh hillclimb. This provided a great new location, with plenty of space, which was just as well as the show itself was enormous! As always there was a terrific variety of cars on show and in action on the hill climb. This really as an event with something for everyone.

It’s also become a bit of an unofficial get together for the Datsun Club UK and this year there was a pretty decent turnout of Datsuns. In fact, there were enough Datsuns on show to warrant a separate post. So I will do just that, followed by some shots from the campsite. The weekend camping is such an integral part of the Retro Rides Gathering experience that it’s pretty much essential in my view, but if you want to take part be sure to get in early as tickets sell out quite early. Roll on RRG15!

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