Scrapyard Heaven – Part 2

Back at the end of 2007, I posted what was to be the first part of a series of photo galleries featuring a number of awesome scrapyards which I have visited over the last few years. The pictures here were shot back in 2001 and 2002, at a fantastic scrapyard in the south of Finland near Nousiainen . This was just one of a pair that were only a few hundred metres apart (the other one was just as big). The variety of cars at this place was unbelievable, with everything from late 40s American to obscure Russian and Eastern European stuff. There was even a Canadian built Bombadier half track and a number of very early pre-war cars. Whilst many had clearly languished there for a very long time, others looked to be very savable indeed, including several fairly rare Japanese cars. Places like this have disappeared from the UK and with ever stricter environmental regulations, these kind of scrapyards will soon be a thing of the past, even in Finland. Now that I finally have the bulk of the photos from these scrapyards scanned in (I was still using a 35mm film camera back then), I will be adding several more of these galleries over the coming weeks. Check out the full gallery for this one below…

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