If it wasn’t for bad luck…

… I’d have no luck at all. That’s how it seems sometimes, anyway. The old mojo has been at a pretty low eb for the last month, as evidenced by my lack of posts on here. This was largely brought about by some knuckle dragging halfwits breaking into my workshop and taking all my tools, followed by another attempted theft the following weekend. Apparently I live in a “low crime area”. Hah!

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Mrs Ratdat seriously injured her hand whilst helping me sort things after this second episode, which required specialist surgery, five days in hospital and probably around three months off work. Surely, that’s got the be the bad luck quota for the year all used up?

Anyway, after dispelling the “why do I bother” feelings, I got things back up and running enough to make some progress with the van. After forcing myself to work on it during the recent artic weather (though admittedly it’s toasty warm in the workshop), the mojo has recovered a little. Progress pics shortly…

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