Here’s something for Dutch readers. The rest of us can just look at the pictures! This road test from a 1972 copy of Auto Visie magazine, is for the GC10 model Skyline which was  sold in the Netherlands as a 2400 GT.  Click through to take a look….

Here’s the summary of what Auto Visie Magazine had to say about the 2400 GT (thankyou to Iwan for the translation!)…

Despite its somewhat old fashioned lumpy lines, that are especially noticeable in side view, the Nissan 2400 GT is an automobile that in technical respect can be called “up to date”. Beside that, it’s roomy, comprehensively equipped and very agile, all plus points and the price certainly is one of them. Sixteen thousand guilders might be a big sum of money, but the 2400 GT offers, in many respects, quite a lot of car….

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