Daily Driven 160J SSS

We never got Datsun 160J (710) SSS saloons in the UK. The SSS only came here as a hardtop, so all of our saloons came equipped with a live axle and leaf springs unlike this great looking SSS belonging to Muhammad Mina Nur Rachman (Nuqi) in Indonesia…

Muhammad Mina Nur Rachman (Nuqi) on Vimeo.

Advert: Fast, Sporty, Reliable (Datsun 160J SSS)

The image used in this ad is a heavily cropped version of a photo which Nissan used in other ads and brochures at the time. The original image shows the whole car, a 710 SSS which is sat low on some polished mags. If anyone has a copy of that pic please message me as I can’t find it anywhere!


Advert: Driving You Glad (Datsun 1800J-GL)

This is a bit of an odd one as it’s from South Africa where the A10 model was sold as a 1600J or 1800J rather than the Violet, Stanza, Auster as in Japan or Oz, or even the 140J or 160J as in Europe. Presumably these came with an L-series engine rather than the old OHV J-series as some South American markets seem to have had…