I’ve been having the mother of all clear-outs here at Ratdat Acres, tidying up all the sheds I store stuff in and getting rid of all the junk that’s accumulated over the last few years. I dragged this out from the darkest recesses of a shed yesterday, whilst shifting all my spare engines. This is very rare in the UK… a fuel injected Datsun L series (L18E) with a dog leg long 5 speed. Four cylinder L series engines in the UK only ever came with carbs, either a single twin choke downdraught or twin SU’s made by Hitachi, on the SSS models.

A few years back, I pulled this engine and gearbox out of a rotted out Japanese spec S110 Silvia, which had somehow found its way to the UK. Shame that the car itself was utterly beyond redemption, as it was the only S110 Silvia I have ever seen here, other than a couple of 240RS rally cars. I really should do something with this engine. It would be idea for building a turbo L series! I’ll dig out some photos of the S110 it came from and scan them in.

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